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BKE is focused on building long-term relations with each employee.

The major principle of personnel relations is to ensure employees professional development and personnel health. Employees are offered a competitive remuneration package and social benefits package. Each Company employee is entitled to medical insurance, life insurance, annual vacation.

BKE is making every effort to provide its employees with the opportunity to develop their talents, improve work quality and fulfill their own potential.

The Company offers training and incentive programs to motivate employees to attain high standards of work quality and safety. BKEs personnel training and development program utilizes external  courses, industry seminars, in-house educational and training programs, and rotation of job assignments  within the Company.

The Company has created a pool of highly qualified reserve specialists who can be deployed to startup and fast growth operations. The availability of the team ensures that these new operations will be capable of delivering high quality services in the shortest possible time frame.

BKE maintains long-term cooperation with the leading  educational institutions providing access to the most promising and talented young graduates.  

Burovoya Kompaniya Eurasia is dedicated to ensuring  stability and secure future to its employees!

OOO Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia
40 bld. 2, Narodnogo Opolcheniya,
123298 Moscow, Russia

. +7 (495) 229 00 70, f. +7 (495) 669 45 04

E-mail: bke@bke.ru

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