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About the Company

Social Policy

Social policy of OOO Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia is aimed at creation of favorable and safe labor conditions, improvement of material base of social and communal facilities, organization of effective curative and recreational rest of employees and their families.

Some of the top priorities for our work in this area are to establish the set of measures aimed at improvement and preservation of health of employees, creation of comfortable social and living conditions for employees stationed in campuses, shift camps and field camps.

The Company has a system of social protection for employees and their families, including, in particular, non-governmental pension system, voluntary medical insurance, accident insurance, social support for women and families with children, material support for pensioners – former employees of the Company.

Jointly with the trade union of the Company, large work is being done for organization of the sanatoria and resort treatment, rest and recreation of the employees and their families.

OOO Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia
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