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Our Operational Profile


BKE uses a wide range of state-of-the-art drilling and workover equipment, technologies, techniques and practices.

State-of-the-Art Technologies and Equipment Used by BKE include:

  • Advanced directional drilling (DD) technologies, measurement while drilling (MWD), sophisticated bits, hydraulic mud motors, rotary steerable systems (RSS) and top drives while drilling directional wells and wells with horizontal sections;
  • Coring equipment enabling to ensure maximum core recovery and safety of reservoir properties data;
  • Four-stage drilling fluid treatment systems coupled with fit for purpose drilling mud programs designed with consideration of specific rock properties and reservoir pressures.
  • Environmentally friendly pitless drilling techniques by using floc units and modern solids control systems;
  • Provision of quality casing and cementing services by utilizing cement slurries designed by using the API certified lab equipment with consideration of specific downhole conditions, and a variety of cementing practices including direct, double-stage and reverse steerable cementing practices;
  • Customized equipment to cut out УwindowsФ in casing;
  • Recovery of idle well stock by drilling sidetracks.
  • Advanced drilling technologies enabling construction of multilateral and horizontally branched wells;
  • Drilling directional wells and wells with horizontal sections underbalanced;
  • Drilling practices enabling to drill through disastrous thief zones without cementing a problem zone.

OOO Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia
40 bld. 2, Narodnogo Opolcheniya,
123298 Moscow, Russia

“. +7 (495) 229 00 70, f. +7 (495) 669 45 04

E-mail: bke@bke.ru

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