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West Siberian Branch of BKE drilled 3 million meters

On November 16, 2009, when BKE celebrated its fifth anniversary, West Siberian Branch drillers exceeded the threshold of 3 million meters drilled (year-to-date).

Over the entire period of Branch operation such impressive results were achieved only once in 2008. Steady operation, precise interaction and workmanship of crew members enabled the Branch to achieve such inspiring results on the eve of the fifth anniversary.

Considerable input in this achievement was made by the drilling crews headed by A.D. Glebov Ц R.B. Ramazanov (EGEB-1), which drilled 97 212 m; I.A. Sherstnyakov Ц A.V. Gilyarovsky (EGEB-2), which drilled 88 919 m; and R.I. Valeev Ц A.A. Turok (EGEB-3), which drilled 59 157 m.

We congratulate all employees of BKE West Siberian Branch on such important event.

16 November 2009
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